About Us

Hi, we’re Kristen and Gustavo, co-founders of Bee Balm. We’ve been friends for ten years: we both grew up with severe chapped, dry lips. Between the two of us we’ve pretty much tried every popular lip balm brand claiming to cure dry lips… from Burt’s Bees, EOS, Vaseline and countless others.

Nothing seemed to work for us, some even made our lips worse. So, 3 years ago we set out to create our own lip balm, for others like us who suffer with chapped lips. When we dove into the science behind lip balms, we realized a majority of companies are filling your lip balms with petroleum, PFAS, and other harmful ingredients because of how cheap it makes production. We wanted to be different and create a lip balm with a natural base that can heal cracked lips, but also include humectants to moisturize and prevent the cracks from making a comeback.

One day Kristen stumbled upon a k-beauty hack that was taking the internet by storm. Propolis in skincare. Studies had proven the benefits of propolis for its excellent wound-healing properties, but no one had popularized it for lip care. It’s healing properties make it the perfect solution to heal dry, cracked lips! We immediately started concocting our very own propolis base for lip balms. Bee Balm was born

In 2020, after countless formulas, we created the perfect balm. Made with a propolis base and strong humectants such as honey and jojoba oil. Bee Balm was our solution to the dry lips we’d been battling with for years! But having the most effective lip balm on the market was not enough for us.

We wanted to stand out by giving you an experience every time you use our products. The Bee Balm honey pot was designed. We wanted packaging that would complement our natural honey themed lip balm, so we created a reusable honey pot that will make every scoop a treasured experience. This is our Bee Balm.

None of this would be possible without our little bee friends! As of April 2022, Bee Balm has begun making donations towards the Planet Bee Foundation. A portion of profits are donated quarterly, which contribute to the education of students/youth nationwide on the importance of bees and their connection to the environment.